A Different Telecom Cost Reduction Solution


The Telecom/Data Monthly Review will be conducted to provide a telecom cost report by department and a review of current monthly charges, identifying any billing errors and correcting such errors.


The scope includes listing and evaluating all of the telecom and data costs charged by each telecom and data vendor. This will be accomplished by a complete review of all on line invoices every month and an onsite visit once a quarter. Client will provide access to all current telecom/data provider invoices on line, and Tryon Clear View Group will utilize this information to ensure that Client invoices are both complete and correct.



  • A spreadsheet with tabs by vendor, broken out by department listing the services currently provided. The billing structure from the primary providers will be broken down as instructed by the I/T department on a monthly basis

  • The spreadsheet will have by account the cost for each item provided.

  • Any billing errors will be noted and corrected.

Monthly Completion Criteria
The monthly report will be considered complete when all items as per the deliverables above are provided to the satisfaction of Client I/T as outlined in the first month’s report.

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