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The constant pursuit for innovative solutions for sustainable cost reduction is the engine that drives Tryon Clear View Group. Tryon Clear View Group cuts through the complexities in telecom, managed print, waste, document storage, equipment maintenance, mailing equipment and utilities that have companies overpaying year after year. We offer efficient, time-sensitive solutions performed by specialists in each field.

Our Differentials

  • On-site telecom line audit analysis to ensure each line billed on the invoice is functioning. Tryon Clear View Group provides more savings, clarity, knowledge of usage than anyone in our space when it comes to on-site line auditing.  Our competition says they perform a line audit, but it is not on-site.  Individual line audits have represented average savings of 30%, and have gone as high as 60%.

  • Findings and Recommendations Report.  Each phone number, by each service provider, is clearly outlined for comparison with our recommended actions.  Your current environment is compared with our proposed recommendations derived from our proprietary national database. 

  • Best-in-Class Pricing Advantage based on our proprietary national database.  Our database allows us to input your current vendor pricing and compare what you are being charged with what your current vendors are charging other organizations of the same size. 


  • Upon completion, Tryon Clear View Group delivers an all-inclusive report of findings.  We review that report with our client and discuss the recommended actions.  Upon client approval, we implement the approved actions.  Credits and reductions are clearly identified on vendor invoices prior to invoicing our client, verifying the savings achieved by our client.  TCVG will only bill after savings (refunds or ongoing savings) are received and validated.


  • Tryon Clear View Group will be responsible to negotiate on behalf of our client any rate changes, contract changes, credits for billing errors, etc.


Telecom                               Equipment Maintenance

Managed Print                      Mailing Equipment

Waste                                  Document Storage


We find savings 98% of the time. No savings? No fee!


Telecom savings average 24%. An industry study shows 12% to 20% of telecom charges across all telecom-related
invoices are incorrect, with 85% in the carrier’s favor.” (Gartner Group)

Managed Print

Managed Print Services are often overlooked and not seen as the sinkhole of lost profits that they can be when left to run on their own.

Equipment Maintenance

Most organizations purchase maintenance contracts from various equipment manufacturers or authorized service providers in the event that maintenance service is needed on the many types of equipment that have been purchased for the organization.

Document Storage

Pricing and costs for document or records storage vary based on a number of factors—the most basic of these charges is by the number of boxes you need to store.

Utility Review

Companies understand that utilities account for more than 15% of an organization's budget. Subtle rate changes (which often go unnoticed) can have substantial financial impact on the bottom line when multiplied over time and numerous locations.

Telecom/Data Monthly Review

Typically Tryon Clear View Group performs telecom audits on a contingency pricing basis. Conversely, you can select a Telecom/Data Monthly Review for a flat fee each month.

Mailing Equipment Savings

Up to 80% reductions.

 Most sites have multiple account numbers for equipment, leases and postage and it is difficult to get complete information on all of the different spends.  The reason that the savings percentages are so high is because of the complexities of mailing equipment agreements.

Partnered Services

Partnered services are services offered by Tryon Clear View Group but conducted by an alliance partner under their agreement. These companies have been vetted and proven to provide cost effective, sustainable solutions for our clients. 

  • Equipment Maintenance

  • Credit Card Processing

  • Beverage Contracts

  • IT Infrastructure

  • Sales and Use Tax Recovery


Ryan Freitas

Director, Infrastructure and Operations Information Technology

The Queen's Health Systems

Honolulu, HI

"I am writing you to let you know what a great job your team did for The Queen's Health Systems. We appreciate your efforts in helping us reduce our telecommunications costs.


The Queen's Health Systems is committed to our financial viability so that we can carry out our mission of serving the healthcare needs of our community. It is partners like you that help us to achieve this goal. It was a real pleasure working with your team on this effort. Thank you for your team's professionalism and expertise."


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