We consolidate your existing equipment service agreements into one comprehensive program and eliminate the inefficiency of having to manage multiple service agreements from various manufacturers.


You have the freedom to use your current service provider or any desired provider for each service event.

Reduces Administrative Time that you spend administrating multiple service contracts from various equipment manufacturers and service providers. 

Guaranteed Maintenance Budgets with fixed annual costs rather than the fluctuating costs and expensive “surprises” of other maintenance programs.

Life Cycle Management manages the maintenance of your equipment portfolio guaranteeing decreased cost, increased equipment uptime, and extended useful life expectancy.

Total Vendor Control delivers an unbiased vendor solution that allows you to use your preferred service vendor or we can supply the best qualified alternative vendor available. 

Visibility enables you to more effectively analyze the quality of the repair and service and the performance of the equipment and service provider through real-time, online reports.

Cost Reduction reduces current maintenance contract cost by 10-22%. 

Equipment Maintenance Management Case Study

This Healthcare System is comprised of four hospitals, ten primary care centers, seven long-term care facilities, six diagnostic and treatment centers, and many other health care sites.  With over 15,000 employees it has well established itself as the leading healthcare provider of its region.


  • The system was facing a tighter budget due to rising costs and lowered federal reimbursements.

  • The system had no real way to manage and keep track of all the different vendor service contracts throughout all facilities.


  • The Program immediately impacted the bottom line with over a million dollars in annual savings.

  • Real time real time access 24x7x365 to all equipment items over multiple  locations and facilities.

Program Inception: Spring 2005

Financial History from Inception to Date:

Maintenance and Repair Charges with Vendor Contracts: $39,951,076.46

Maintenance and Repair Charges resulting from our program: $33,502,768.03

Total Savings: $6,448,308.43

Securing Cost Reductions By Sector


Equipment Maintenance Management Solutions

Health Care


Financial Institutions

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