Utility Review:

Electricity, Natural Gas, 

Water and Sewer

Tryon Clear View Group analysts have over 100 years of combined experience with utilities.  Our analysis includes the areas of electricity, natural gas, water and sewer.  If you choose, Tryon Clear View Group can manage all aspects of the energy procurement process. We will analyze the current environment and seek ways to reduce energy costs.

Our review consists of two separate areas of focus:

Invoice analysis of Prior 3 Years 

Going forward savings opportunities

Invoice analysis of the prior 3 years allows us to identify and capture savings on monies you have already spent.

What we are analyzing:

  • Incorrect rates that may have been applied

  • Taxes or fees which were calculated incorrectly

  • Additional fees that might have been buried with other charges


Audit Findings

Going Forward

We examine areas for ongoing savings opportunities such as:

  • Finding large usage meters that are charged a tariff rate for a small usage meter

  • Analysis of a year’s worth of billings for each meter provides the opportunity to change to a lower tariff  rate

  • Evaluating how the company is using water towers to change the mix of water and sewer charges

  • Meters not in use


*** In deregulated states, procuring electricity and or natural gas from a 3rd party supplier at rates less than the incumbent utility company charges.


Average Savings: 7 – 10%

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