The Staffing Services category encompasses all time-based, fee-based and project-based external services procured by an organization including, but not limited, to the following major categories:

  • Temporary Services

  • IT Contract Labor

  • Facilities Services (e.g., maintenance, repairs)














Current Business Problem -- The Challenge


Significant purchasing dollars are being spent on staffing services.  Many organizations are developing a strategic approach to this commodity and are bringing direct savings to the bottom line.  Significant billing errors in this area occur because of:

  1. Decentralized purchasing that leaves companies with an excessive number of providers with disparate quality and pricing

  2. Internal demand not in line with overall organizational strategy

  3. High processing costs resulting from paper laden and inefficient requisitioning, time tracking, invoicing and reporting

  4. Having solutions that are readily accessible and manageable by the users


Tryon Clear View brings a diverse range of sourcing techniques to the table, helping you achieve savings under a variety of market conditions, including:

  • Consolidating a fragmented supplier base

  • Reducing markups

  • Rationalizing (streamlining) the supply chain

  • Negotiating spend volume rebates

  • Tying agency markups to performance

  • Utilizing a single enterprise-wide approved provider or list

  • Improving procurement processes

  • Defining agency requirements

  • Reviewing temporary employees’ base compensation

  • Improving consistency of services provided

  • Renegotiating payment terms


Our analysts will work with you to not only measure and report savings, but to also account for savings in the budget process and ultimately incorporate results directly into your operating plan.


A strategic approach to staffing services can reduce your overall spend by 10 to 20%.

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