Managed Print

Our Goal: Implement approved targeted areas for cost reduction without impacting operations.

In-depth invoice analysis includes specification development, purchase planning, disposal and refresh consultation. 





Tryon Clear View Group will perform a contract compliance audit (assess existing lease terms, conditions, services) which will include: 

  • Obtaining inventory of all copiers, multi-functional devices (MFDs) and network printers

  • Establishing the baseline copier/printer/fax per-image cost (inclusive of volumes and device inventory details).  Using our proprietary national database of best-in-class prices, we benchmark pricing, technology, and the service term.  

We will evaluate and renegotiate existing agreements with your current vendor and implement these approved changes for you. We will not act on recommendations without full approval from our client. 

If a new vendor offers more competitive rates, we will ensure they are software compatible.  All recommendations can be customized to your needs.


Savings average 29% annually. No Savings?  No Fee!

Audit Findings



Case Study

A 1,200+ bed West Coast Hospital recently saved over $1.2 million dollars in Printer/Copier services as a result of a Tryon Clear View Group audit.

The Challenge: TCVG was retained to reduce expenses in the Top10 largest non-payroll accounts for the Hospital. TCVG's team consists of managed print professionals with over 100 years of combined experience.

The Solution: TCVG reviewed all lease contracts, invoices for managed print costs, and maintenance costs, then created a complete inventory of all copiers and printers for each of the Hospital's six locations. Using its national proprietary database of best-in-class prices, TCVG discovered the Hospital was charged rates far above the rates of other similarly-sized hospitals. TCVG renegotiated the contracts with the copier vendors on behalf of the Hospital.

The Results: Before review annual managed print spend: $3,508,317

Annual savings found: $1,143,384

Three-year estimated savings: $3,430,152

Key Outcome: Annual savings of 33%

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Now that we've provided a quick look at cost reductions secured for a client, let's find out how much you can save with a no risk analysis from Tryon Clear View Group. NOTE: If you are a health care provider, include your Number of Beds and  Current Spend  per area and we’ll send you an analysis of savings you might secure through TCVG (not to be considered a guarantee). All other inquiries will be followed up promptly by a TCVG representative.

Managed Print

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