Most sites have multiple account numbers for equipment, leases and postage and it is difficult to get complete information on all of the different spends.  The reason that the savings percentages are so high is because of the complexities of mailing equipment agreements.

We can help you negotiate the best pricing for future contracts. We provide you with the details and analyses that help you choose the right equipment for your needs throughout your enterprise.

Eliminating Avoidable Fees

Due to the complexities inside mailing agreements, often times fees are charged that can be eliminated.  These fees are typically overlooked or not understood and paid as a cost of doing business. 

Here are some examples:

  • Unneeded equipment insurance

  • Annual fee loyalty plans

  • Late fees

  • Finance charges that can be over 20% of the cost of postage.

Identifying Overpayments

  • With payments being made for leases, meter rental, maintenance, rate changes, supplies and postage, at times invoicing can be in error

Here are some areas where these overpayments can occur:

  • Invoices not billed under the firm’s national contract discount rate.

  • Duplicate charges for meter rental, maintenance and rate changes that are covered under all inclusive lease agreements.

  • Closed sites still being billed.

  • Expired leases with no activity.

Recovering Lost Postage

  • There has been a major downsize in the number of postage meters throughout the United States. This is due to reduced volume, office closings and consolidations. The question is what happened to all of the postage from these returned meters? Typically, when a company puts money into their postage meter, the funds are expensed and it is no longer looked at as an asset. When the meter gets returned there could be money sitting on the device or in the attached postage account where funds are deposited.

Tryon Clear View Group will look for previous postage accounts and assist in getting these funds returned.  Lost postage funds could be sitting with your mailing vendor, at the state as unclaimed property or with the USPS from dormant meter or permit accounts.  All of these can be explored to help you get your money back.

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