Here's What They Are Saying

Floyd Medical Center, Rome, GA


"Not only has your team found

significant realized savings for Floyd,

but the experience has been

painless. I appreciate the effort,

results and your continued

engagement with Floyd. I would

recommend your firm to any of my

peers who need to reduce their

telecom spend."

Jeffrey D. Buda
Vice President

Chief Information Officer

Mary Queen of Peace, SE Sammamish, WA

"With the help of Tryon Clear View

auditors, [our Parish is] looking at

some significant real savings

already and project significant

savings in our copy/printing costs.

Tryon brought a level of expertise

in looking at the various programs

from Puget Sound Energy, and

usage rates for the past few years.

They were able to navigate a

complicated system of rates and

tariffs here in Washington State to

achieve these savings. Tryon's

fee comes as a percentage of  

these savings for the first three

years, so there was no real risk to

our parish....As a result of our experience, I would recommend that parishes could well benefit from consulting with the Tryon Clear View Group. We intend to continue working with them to maximize our savings in other areas as appropriate."

Rich Shively
PA for Administration

Wood County DD Board, Worthington, OH

"I challenged them multiple times.

At the start of our talks, I had to

keep hearing the fact that they

weren't going to charge me unless

they found savings. How better

can you incentivize a company to

come in and dig deep? There is

expertise your people just don't

have. There is time you just don't

have. Doing this has freed up my

staff tremendously, You've got an

outside entity that is doing the

dirty work for you, and they have expertise in everything they're doing."

Steve Foster

Director Fiscal Serices

Central Maine Healthcare, Lewiston, ME

The team that I worked with was very

knowledgeable about many aspects

of energy savings and put a robust

and successful program in place.

I was especially pleased with the

$68,000 credit we received from our

local power company based on the

utility audit of our health system.

Thank you again for your team 's hard

work. I would highly recommend your

organization to other health care

organizations that are searching the market for this type of service.

Nancy Ban

Administrative Director, Support Services

Results Management Office Lead

Tryon Clear View Group, LLC
816 W. Mills Street, Suite B Columbus, NC 28722
Call (800) 259-6638 Ext 4#