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Expert Insight: Diagnosing opportunities for sustainable cost reductions

Each year enterprise level companies overpay for telecommunications when a relatively inexpensive, non-intrusive and risk-free contingency telecom analysis could potentially save hundreds of thousands, even millions of dollars in recovered expenses and forward-facing cost savings.

Tryon Clear View Group’s assessment data provides insight into potential cost-saving opportunities. The team shares in-depth telecommunications expertise and education with your telecom and IT staff as part of the final review process.

Audit Findings





Our analysis of all local, long distance, cellphones, pagers, conferencing, internet cable and data will include a detailed review of previous years of overcharges and erroneous fees.  

At a minimum Tryon Clear View Group will conduct the following action items on behalf of our client:

a.  Perform a detailed billing and line audit on all existing local and long distance telephone services

b.  Analyze historical telephone bills as far in the past as is reasonably obtainable (typically 3 years)

c.  Verify cost and obtain refunds and appropriate billing corrections

d.  Recommend appropriate procedural changes to ensure efficiency of operations for current telecom configuration

e.  Compare all prices and rates to Tryon Clear View Group’s proprietary national database, locating the best available market rates.

Telecom Line Audit:

Based on client feedback, a lot of prospects choose Tryon Clear View Group over our competition based on our ability to conduct a physical on-site line audit. Most of our clients’ internal telecom staff does not have the training to do a physical on-site line audit. Our line audit matches the lines and circuits on each carrier invoice to the physical line or circuit in each of our clients' buildings.

Here’s what we find:

A. Lines/circuits that are being billed but do not exist.

B. Sometimes the carrier has simply added someone else’s line to the wrong bill.

C. Lines/circuits that are broken and therefore cannot be used; this generally happens in buildings that are older.

D. Lines/circuits that are workable but never leave the telecom wall to an office.

E. Telecom equipment that may have been ordered but was never installed, or the equipment is in a room but it has never been hooked up. On other occasions we find equipment that is installed but had never been ordered.

F.  We are able to match how a line is being used to the price being charged. Sometimes it’s being used in a way that can allow the carrier to lower the price.

G. Multiple campuses with older buildings that have transferred lines to new buildings may still be billed from previous locations on certain lines. They may have never been disconnected.


Some recent line audit results we’ve delivered

include these success stories:

Major City in the Southeast – Due to a physical on-site review, TCVG discovered 3,154 lines and circuits that were broken or not being used. This represented 63% of the total lines and circuits the city was paying for. Total annual savings exceeded $2.3 million.

Hospital in Southern Florida – Due to a physical on-site line review, TCVG provided a hard cost reduction of over 25% by removing services that were not being used but were still working on the wall and had not been ordered disconnected. TCVG obtained a credit of over $1.75 million for services that had been disconnected and not removed from the invoices. TCVG did not change provider.

Hospital in Southern Alabama – Due to a physical on-site line review and renegotiating existing contracts with co-term and extend, TCVG saved 62% of telecom spend without changing provider. TCVG also obtained a credit for services that had been overpaid with the above procedures in place.

Project Scope - Telecom savings typically average 24% regardless of the number of devices or landlines.


Telecom savings average 24%. No Savings? No Fee!

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